360 Beach Meditation, VR & Neurofeedback boost Healthcare Worker Well-being

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360 Beach Meditation, VR & Neurofeedback boost Healthcare Worker Well-being

KEYWORDS – Virtual Reality | VR Meditation | Healthcare Workers | Neurofeedback | Mental Health | Anger | Tension | Depression | Fatigue | Confusion | Calmness | Happiness Reviewed Study: A Feasibility Test of a Brief Mobile Virtual Reality Meditation for Frontline Healthcare Workers in a Hospital Setting Summary This scientific study compared the […]

360° Nature Videos Reduce Stress, Improve Mood & Relaxation

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360° Nature Videos Reduce Stress | Improve Mood | Improve Relaxation | Large Variety Needed

This study presented two 360° nature videos in a VR headset to assess stress reduction and mood enhancement of people in isolation. Objective measures of stress such as electrodermal activity (EDA) and heart rate variability (HRV) were collected and subjective measures of mood were compared for two 15-minute 360/VR nature scenes and an indoor control scene. Natural scenes reduced stress and negative affect and improved mood and scene perception, indicating VR’s potential for upliftment in isolated settings. Preference for VR scene content had a significant effect on subjective responses to the scenes, and measures of subjective preference suggest the need to provide a variety of content in isolation and confinement.

Atmosphaeres 360 Beach Video shown to significantly reduce stress

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A recent study conducted at the Bundeswehr Hospital in Hamburg found that viewing a 360° nature video in a Virtual Reality (VR) headset has a relaxing effect on stressed individuals. The effect is significantly better than when the video is watched on a PC screen, showing that the use of 360° nature videos in VR […]

Journeying inwards – the power of VR-enabled mindfulness training

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Research Study - A virtual reality approach to mindfulness skills training

New research shows that people who constantly get caught in a reiterative loop of negative thoughts and destructive self-reflection could benefit from VR mindfulness training Mindfulness training research done at RMIT University in Melbourne confirms that mindfulness practitioners benefit greatly from the immersive nature of Atmosphaeres’ 360° VR Experiences, particularly if they wish to improve […]

The use of audio and video in healthcare applications

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Audio is a key aspect of virtual and augmented realities, however, because of the dominance of the visual sense, it is often overlooked, under-budgeted and considered at a late stage in the creation of healthcare and other applications. This article seeks to raise awareness for the importance of high-quality audio in healthcare applications by showing […]

Virtual Reality used to reduce pain – Or – How I got into creating Atmosphaeres Virtual Relaxation Videos

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virtual reality

A burn wound patient receiving treatment with virtual reality distraction used as analgesia – Source* How I got into creating the Atmopshaeres Many people have asked me how I got into creating 360 degree speherical videos for virtual relaxation purposes and I thought that it is about time that I explain some of my professional background as […]

Graphic Designer uses Virtual Relaxation to Recover from Surgery

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Patient Robert Deluce using the Virtual Relaxation Atmosphaere Dream Beach 360 and the Samsung Gear VR to recover from pain and anxiety after leg surgery. Photo courtesy Robert Deluce Virtual Relaxation for Anxiety and Pain Relief Our Atmosphaeres Virtual Relaxation Videos are not only developed to help people reduce their stress but also help those who […]