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Robert Deluce using the Dream Beach 360 Atmosphaere and the Samsung Gear VR to recover from pain and anxiety after leg surgery.

Patient Robert Deluce using the Virtual Relaxation Atmosphaere Dream Beach 360 and the Samsung Gear VR to recover from pain and anxiety after leg surgery.
Photo courtesy Robert Deluce

Virtual Relaxation for Anxiety and Pain Relief

Our Atmosphaeres Virtual Relaxation Videos are not only developed to help people reduce their stress but also help those who are in pain and suffer from anxiety. This is why we’re always happy to hear from people who are using our Atmosphaeres for their intended purposes. It really makes our day when satisfied customers reach out to us and let us know how our Atmosphaeres help them with their ailments.

Robert Deluce joins the long list of happy and relaxed users. The 39 year old graphic designer out of West Yorkshire, UK just had his 4th leg operation and is using our Virtual Relaxation Atmosphaere Dream Beach 360 on his Samsung Gear VR headset for recovery. We are very thankful for the time that he took to share his experiences. Below is a transcript of our interview with Rob.


EF: Robert, you have just posted on Facebook that you’re using our Dream Beach 360 Atmosphaere, a virtual relaxation video for Virtual Reality headsets like the Gear VR and Oculus Rift, to help you recover after an operation in hospital. What operation did you have and how has Dream Beach 360 helped you to recover?

RD: I had my 4th leg operation. After the operations, I feel weak, sick and have really bad anxiety for a week or more. I have all the VR (Virtual Reality) content stored on my SD card – the games, some movies for the VR cinema and most of the 360 videos that are worth watching more than once. I stuck the Gear VR on my head the day after my operation and found that most of the content that I had made me feel even more sick and anxious, then I remembered the demo of the Dream Beach 360 Atmosphaere I had on my Gear VR, so I decided to have another look.

It’s not something I would normally watch but in my current situation it was the most perfect thing. I would not normally consider buying a 360 video of a beach, however, I was now wishing I had the full version. It totally moved me from my hospital bed to another place. After about 5 minutes of playing the demo I was already feeling much more relaxed and free.

EF: How did you find out about Dream Beach 360 and why did you use it after your surgery?

RD: I found Dream Beach 360 after seeing a Facebook post on VR Development News. I watched the clip in hospital because all the other 360 videos I have are moving and most are not very relaxing and more action packed.

EF: You told me earlier that you couldn’t play anything on the Gear VR apart from Dream Beach 360. Would you mind elaborating? Why did you specifically use Dream Beach 360 and why couldn’t you use any other games/VR/video?

RD: Everything else was just the opposite of relaxing.

EF: Who would you recommend Virtual Relaxation Atmosphaeres to?

RD: I would recommend the relaxation videos to everyone who’s stuck in a hospital bed, people not able to get outside, people who are stressed and anxious or for anyone who wants to see great places that they might never get to see in real life.

EF: What other Atmosphaeres would you like to see?

RD: I love log cabins, lakes and waterfalls. A mixture of all three would be heaven.

EF: Do you have any suggestions for how to improve the Virtual Relaxation Atmosphaeres?

RD: The only thing, although not in the hands of the video producers, is screen quality. Although it’s very good at present on the Gear VR (Note 4), it’s the only thing I can see making any difference to the content on VR devices, apart from that it would be interesting to see how a 3D 360 VR video would look and feel in similar environments.

EF: Thank you Robert and all the best for your recovery!

The interview was conducted by Eric Fassbender (EF), owner and creator of Atmosphaeres. We would like to thank Robert Deluce (RD) for taking the time to share his thoughts and experiences.

More information about Robert and his use of the Atmosphaeres to reduce his anxiety and pain can be found in this press release.

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