90+ New 360° Stock Videos

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90+ New 360° Stock Videos

90+ New 360° Stock Videos from Galicia (Spain), Germany & Saxony While the re-mastering kept us busy, we also found it important to provide you with new videos to give you a growing variety of scenes and locations for your products and services. So we went filming in Galicia (Spain), Germany and Saxony and in total these filming trips […]

Atmosphaeres 360 Beach Video shown to significantly reduce stress

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A recent study conducted at the Bundeswehr Hospital in Hamburg found that viewing a 360° nature video in a Virtual Reality (VR) headset has a relaxing effect on stressed individuals. The effect is significantly better than when the video is watched on a PC screen, showing that the use of 360° nature videos in VR […]

Journeying inwards – the power of VR-enabled mindfulness training

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Research Study - A virtual reality approach to mindfulness skills training

New research shows that people who constantly get caught in a reiterative loop of negative thoughts and destructive self-reflection could benefit from VR mindfulness training Mindfulness training research done at RMIT University in Melbourne confirms that mindfulness practitioners benefit greatly from the immersive nature of Atmosphaeres’ 360° VR Experiences, particularly if they wish to improve […]