Re-connect with your innermost being

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Finding Your True Self - A Guided 360° VR Meditation

Escape to tranquility with this guided 360° VR sunset beach meditation. Embrace the sensory delights of the ocean waves and the sun warming your skin while connecting with your inner self through relaxation and introspection. As you follow the guided journey of deep breathing, body scan, and self-visualization, you’ll find yourself renewed and centered, carrying […]

360° Nature Videos Reduce Stress, Improve Mood & Relaxation

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360° Nature Videos Reduce Stress | Improve Mood | Improve Relaxation | Large Variety Needed

This study presented two 360° nature videos in a VR headset to assess stress reduction and mood enhancement of people in isolation. Objective measures of stress such as electrodermal activity (EDA) and heart rate variability (HRV) were collected and subjective measures of mood were compared for two 15-minute 360/VR nature scenes and an indoor control scene. Natural scenes reduced stress and negative affect and improved mood and scene perception, indicating VR’s potential for upliftment in isolated settings. Preference for VR scene content had a significant effect on subjective responses to the scenes, and measures of subjective preference suggest the need to provide a variety of content in isolation and confinement.

Visit Saxony – New 360° VR Experience Available Now

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Visit Saxony - New 360° VR Experience Available Now

Welcome to Saxony, a tranquil and enchanting region in the east of Germany. Visit Saxony Embark on a mesmerizing journey as you stroll through peaceful nature and marvel at the unique rock formations for which this mountainous sandstone region is so famous. Bathe in lush forests before climbing to shaded rock platforms that overlook the […]