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Atmosphaeres is a small and dedicated team of 360 degree videographers who love to travel and present you with the impressions of the most scenic and relaxing places that we discover on our journeys. We do this by crafting the individual scenes into long-form 360°/VR video experiences that users can enjoy at home, in hospitals, aged care facilities or anywhere where they would like to escape to another place and experience what it would be like to be there. We also enjoy helping fellow artists and indie developers as well as agencies and large companies to achieve their personal and professional goals so we offer our VR experiences and individual 360 videos for licensing. So whether you simply want to relax, de-stress and travel to beautiful places or need 360 degree stock videos to finish your project, we have got the solution for you. If you have custom requirements, like RAW footage in 8K Cineform with spatial audio, we will be certain to help you out because we know how important it is to get the right asset for your project. Atmosphaeres truly is for creators by creators.   [More Info.. ]

About us
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