Atmosphaeres 360 Nature Videos used for VR Relaxation app

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Relax with Nature VR App

We are proud to share news about a recently released VR nature app where our videos have been used to create a mindfulness meditation app called ‘Relax with Nature VR’. The app is the result of a partnership between Atmosphaeres and VR app building provider VRdirect who, amongst other things, offer an easy solution to […]

Journeying inwards – the power of VR-enabled mindfulness training

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Research Study - A virtual reality approach to mindfulness skills training

New research shows that people who constantly get caught in a reiterative loop of negative thoughts and destructive self-reflection could benefit from VR mindfulness training Mindfulness training research done at RMIT University in Melbourne confirms that mindfulness practitioners benefit greatly from the immersive nature of Atmosphaeres’ 360° VR Experiences, particularly if they wish to improve […]

Panel discussion about 360° VR Films and Experiences with RaMarcus and VeeR

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Panel discussion about 360° VR Films and Experiences

Join us for a panel discussion about 360° VR Films and Experiences and to celebrate VeeR VR’s Summer Sale together with host RaMarcus and fellow VR filmmakers, Randal Kleiser, Svante Fjaestad, Ethan Shaftel and Scobot. We really enjoyed talking to the fellow VR filmmakers from very different disciplines within our immersive medium. We hope you enjoy it […]

Insta360 Pro 2 Review

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Filming Creek with Insta360 Pro 2

A few weeks ago we received an Insta360 Pro 2 360° video camera for testing purposes. In this article, we are looking at some of its features as well as present you with real-world footage. We will discuss our thoughts and findings in four very distinctly different filming situations (forest, bike ride, city night shoot […]