Virtual Reality used to reduce pain – Or – How I got into creating Atmosphaeres Virtual Relaxation Videos

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virtual reality

A burn wound patient receiving treatment with virtual reality distraction used as analgesia – Source* How I got into creating the Atmopshaeres Many people have asked me how I got into creating 360 degree speherical videos for virtual relaxation purposes and I thought that it is about time that I explain some of my professional background as […]

Sponsorship by Tentsile

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  The good folks from Tentsile, namely Alex Shirley-Smith and Kirk Kirchev, have just told us yesterday that they will be supporting our road trip throughout Australia and South East Asia by giving us a selection of their fine tree tents so we can enjoy the beautiful places that we are going to see even more. If you haven’t seen […]

Nature Sound CD’s published

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nature sounds

Last week I received the author’s copies of the 2 CD’s that the Lingen Verlag has arranged into a compilation for their ‘Das tut mir gut‘ mindfulness blog (i.e. ‘that’s good for me’). I’m very happy to work with the wonderful people at the Lingen Verlag as well as Jutta Vogt-Tegen, author of the Das tut mir Gut blog. I […]