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Nature Sound CD Eric Fassbender - Das tut mir Gut

Last week I received the author’s copies of the 2 CD’s that the Lingen Verlag has arranged into a compilation for their ‘Das tut mir gut‘ mindfulness blog (i.e. ‘that’s good for me’). I’m very happy to work with the wonderful people at the Lingen Verlag as well as Jutta Vogt-Tegen, author of the Das tut mir Gut blog. I hope this compilation of pure nature sounds (CD 1) and meditation sounds (CD 2) will help many people to find some peace and quiet in their otherwise often busy lives. Mindfulness to me means being aware of ourselves and the here and now. The sounds of nature as well as windchimes and tibetan singing bowls always help me to become more centered and mindful. If you need to find some calming sounds for your relaxation therapy at home, browse on over to where you will find my pure nature sound recording albums as well as the meditation albums.

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