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The Salt Room with swaying lounge chairs

The Salt Room at Monte Mare Andernach

Today was the last day of Susanne’s holidays, so we decided to finish in style by going to the Monte Mare Sauna Retreat in Andernach, an absolute marvel in the realm of wellness and relaxation retreats. Everything at the Monte Mare Andernach is top notch, the service, the tastefully decorated facilities, the fresh and healthy food and the selection of different saunas and rooms for rest and restoration. The Monte Mare is really our favorite when it comes to saunas and taking a one day holiday. A day ticket costs about 28 Euros and in comparison to other establishments this is probably at the higher end of the scale, however, there is one big advantage to this – there are a lot less people than in other sauna retreats and hence the whole experience is much more enjoyable and relaxing.

Apart from our usual favourites, the ‘Free your Breath’ (Atemfrei) infusion and the salt peeling sauna session we decided to book the included salt room session – a 45 minutes program in the newly built ‘Salt House’. While this room is open at other times as well, the staff turn on the extra salt vaporizers (see picture below) during these pre-booked times and the spots are usually all taken, which comes as no surprise, when you take a look at the gently swaying lounges that are suspended from the ceiling. Imagine lying in these chairs and breathing in as much pure and salty air in 45 minutes as you would in 3 days by the sea (staff supplied information).

One of the Salt Vapoizers

One of the Salt Vaporizers

One thing that I thought about when the friendly staff member put some small loudspeakers into the room was why, in a room with 10 tonnes of Himalaya salt and a micro-climate of the ocean, they chose to play music and not the sound of waves. Luckily the speaker volume is very soft and luckily I brought my own earphones, so I can listen to the ocean wave sounds of Fortescue Bay in Tasmania that I recorded about 6 years ago and still relish as one of my favourite ocean wave nature sound recordings. If you are interested you will find this 43 minute track on the album Journey to Tasmania on

Relaxing in the lounge chairs listening to the sound of ocean waves

Relaxing in the lounge chairs listening to the sound of ocean waves


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