Google Cardboard Apps

Google Cardboard Apps

Your Google Cardboard is just a piece of cardboard until you use one of the many Cardboard apps that you can download to your phone. Below is a list of some of our favourites for you to explore.

The First App to Download

The official Cardboard app is pretty much a must have because you’re about to download a lot of apps and this app helps to launch them. In addition, it can help you explore more apps. It will even help you set up a viewer.

It also comes with the following demos:

  • My Videos
  • Photo Sphere
  • Tour Guide
  • Earth
  • Windy Day
  • Exhibit

From the official Cardboard app, you can check out these Google Cardboard apps that we’re about to list down. We are sure you'll enjoy exploring all these apps.

InMind VR

It’s a bit of a short adventure but it’s an adventure worth taking. You’ll soon find yourself on a journey into the brain of patients as you try to search for the neurons responsible for causing mental disorders. You’ll never look at the human brain in the same way ever again. Does this give a glimpse of what VR has to offer to the future of healthcare? Who knows? For now, enjoy the surreal experience that this app brings.

Hidden Temple - VR Adventure

This is one of the paid Cardboard apps but the fact that it makes this list tells you that it’s worth downloading and playing. If you’ve ever fantasized about being a treasure hunter, then this is the app for you.

The objective of the game is to escape from an ancient temple. To succeed, you need to search for items, find and go through secret chambers and solve challenging riddles. Will you find treasure or escape empty-handed? Will you even escape at all or will the ancient temple serve as your tomb? Try out this immersive virtual reality adventure and find out.


You’re probably familiar with MONZO, which is the go-to game of model kit enthusiasts. This game allows you to build a model out of a kit – from cars to planes - right on your mobile device. This is probably the best Cardboard app for discovering and unleashing your creativity.

Insidious VR

If Insidious the movie made you jump, wait until you experience what Insidious VR has in store for you. It’s a chilling and immersive experience that fans of the movie should try. You’ll be guided by Elise Rainier as you try to navigate this horrific realm. While recommended, use your headphones at your own risk.


Judging from the list of Cardboard apps above, it’s safe to say that the apps are supposed to be fun and entertaining. However, did you know that you can also use your Google Cardboard to get some desperately needed rest, relaxation and even scientifically proven stress-, pain- and anxiety relief with VR?

Atmosphaeres are among the very few Google Cardboard apps that help you do just that. However, unlike their computer generated counterparts, the Atmosphaeres are authentic 360 degree relaxation videos of beautiful and peaceful places that you can visit on your Cardboard. The Atmosphaeres will take you to the most relaxing places in Portugal, Ireland, Bavaria and even the outstandingly beautiful Australian beaches, all while you’re sitting in the comfort of your own home and take a deep breath after a tough day at work.

Simply put, it’s the Cardboard app to download if you need to take a break and want to relax for a couple of minutes in a beautiful and peaceful place. Yes, Virtual Therapy is Here and You can Take Advantage of it Right Now.