Applications of Virtual Reality

Applications of Virtual Reality

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably played with your Virtual Reality headset for a while and you might have even run out of things to do with it. If your headset is already gathering dust somewhere and you don’t want to turn it into a very expensive paperweight then take a look for some more applications of virtual reality. You’re guessing right, the uses of virtual reality are not just for movies and games.

You Want More Out of It

This is not to say that the known applications are bad. For example, if you have the Gear VR Innovator Edition, here are some apps that come with your headset:

  • Oculus 360 Videos
  • Oculus 360 Photos
  • Oculus Cinema
  • VR Gallery

You can download apps and experiences to your VR headset while you’re wearing the headset or from your phone. Check out titles that are currently available on the Oculus Store, like Doom 3, Minecrift and Temple Run VR. Some exciting titles and apps scheduled to come out very soon are the following:

  • EVE: Valkyrie
  • Alien: Isolation
  • Robinson: The Journey

However, don’t limit yourself to just the applications of virtual reality available on the Oculus Store.

The native apps are limited on other VR headsets as well. This gives you the chance to download other applications of virtual reality.

Other Uses of Virtual Reality

Looking at the above list, one might get the impression that virtual reality is all about movies and games, however, that is not the case. There are other virtual reality uses that are very practical and worth exploring.

The chief scientist of Oculus, Michael Abrash, states:

"Virtual reality done right truly is reality as far as the observer is concerned," and that “it enables us to create new realities. If it gets good enough, it should be able to create any experience we're capable of having."

Here are some real world applications of virtual reality:

  • Sports

Virtual reality is used in three ways:

  • To measure performance
  • As a training aid
  • To design equipment and clothing

It’s also being introduced as a means to enhance the experience of the fans.

  • Business

Many industries like real estate, hotels and tour operators use VR for virtual tours. In the same manner, it is used to present a product with a 360 degree view so that prospective buyers can look at the product as if it’s right there in front of them. Some companies also use virtual reality to train their employees.

  • Education

It gives students a modern opportunity to interact with other students in a 3D environment. Educators are slowly but surely adapting this method of teaching because it’s a fun and productive way of teaching.

  • Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the major players in the virtual reality world. Here are just some of its uses:

  • VR is used to refresh the skills of medical practitioners.
  • VR is used to train medical practitioners with new skills.
  • VR can be used to simulate surgery.
  • VR is utilized to treat phobia.
  • VR is used to deal with stress, tinnitus, pain and anxiety.

As you can see, there are several practical virtual reality uses. The problem is that not many of these uses are widely-available to the public. While they’re widely-used by the major players in the industries listed above, the end-users don’t really get the chance to use virtual reality in the same ways as listed above. Until now.

Virtual Relaxation: One of the Best Virtual Reality Uses

One good way to maximize the use of your Gear VR or a similar VR headset is the use of Virtual Reality for therapeutic and relaxation purposes. The Atmosphaeres, which we are going to discuss in the next section, are one very good example of such 360 degree relaxation videos that you can use at home in order to relieve yourself from stress, acute pain and anxiety. Generally speaking, the Atmosphaeres Virtual Relaxation Environments can help you rest and relax so you can experience the benefits that simple peace and quiet can bring.

The best thing about Atmosphaeres is they’re readily-available. You can download them right now and play them in your VR headset. This means that you can start with your very own virtual therapy session right in your home today.

If you want to know more about the Atmosphaeres being one of the top applications of virtual reality, read this article on how Virtual Therapy is Here and You can Take Advantage of it Right Now.