Vienna VR - Authentic Travel VR Experience

Immerse yourself in the city of music with this authentic 360 degree VR travel experience. Stand in front of the Mozarthaus and marvel at the majestic Vienna state opera as daily life in the modern, yet historic city unfolds around you. Rest near a water fountain in the picturesque Volksgarten and explore nearby St. Stephen's Cathedral and the Column of Pest. Watch horse carriages drive past at the Hofburg Palace on Michaelerplatz and examine the intricate details of the centuries-old 'The Power at the Sea' water fountain as you listen to the melodies of the Viennese & Danuba Waltzes.

Designed for people with limited freedom of movement, this Atmosphaere rotates the scenes, thus, enabling all viewers to experience the entirety of each location and everything that goes on around them. This is especially helpful for the elderly, hospital patients and everyone else who cannot turn all the way around. Experience Vienna in 360 degrees, one orientation at a time.

Immerse yourself in

 Authentic travel from the comfort of your home!

 The sights and sounds of historic & modern city

 Music of the Viennese & Danuba Waltzes

The real feeling of 'being there'




Vienna State Opera

St. Stephen's Cathedral


 Column of Pest

'The Power at the Sea' Water Fountain

Hofburg Palace



Technical Specifications and Details

 4k Resolution, 30 FPS, 15 Mbs

Length: 4:46 minutes

 Filesize: 700 MB

 H.264 encoding – Please check that your headset and player
can play this format!

 Delivered from fast CDN servers



Please note that the Atmosphaeres Virtual Relaxation and Travel Experiences are provided for personal, non-public use, that is, you may only use our products for private purposes. For public or commercial use of any of our  360 degree videos or parts thereof, please obtain an appropriate license. Further information about public and/or commercial use can be found on our licensing page.

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