Overlook the majestic Cliffs of Moher
Sit near an ancient Irish castle
Let go of your worries
Experience the peace and quiet of Ireland

Ireland VR - Pure Nature VR Experience

Visit the green island and marvel at the magnificent and diverse nature that you encounter at every corner of this ancient and mythical place. Look at the seagulls hovering high above the ocean at the Cliffs of Moher and explore the crystal clear waterfalls and creeks of the Killarney National Park. Sit by an ancient castle and gaze at the calming reflection of the impressive mountains on the water's surface of one of the many lakes. Listen to the birds and watch the waves crash onto the rocks while a storm approaches the south end of this magical country. Experience Ireland as it really is and bring home memories of a place that you love going back to or that you have never been to before.


 360 Degree Virtual Relaxation Video of the most scenic places of Ireland
Relax like never before with this exclusive 360° nature video
Escape to peaceful and quiet places
30 or 15 minutes of nature's pure sights and sounds
Up to 25 different scenes
Without music - Just pure, authentic sounds of nature
Reduce stress, pain & anxiety

Technical Details

 4k Resolution, 30 FPS, 15 Mbs, Filesize: 15 Min = 1.72 GB, 30 Min = 3.28 GB
 30 Minute Version - 25 Scenes
 15 Minute Version - 12 Scenes
Delivered from fast CDN servers


Please note that the Atmosphaeres Virtual Relaxation Experiences are provided for personal, non-public use, that is, you may only use our products for private purposes. For public or commercial use of any of our  360 degree videos or parts thereof, please obtain an appropriate license. Further information about public and/or commercial use can be found on our licensing page.

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