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Mallorca | VR Relaxation Sphaere | 360° Video

Get that holiday feeling and experience Mallorca in glorious, all-surrounding 6K 360 degrees VR videos. Relax on white, sunny beaches and climb the highest peaks to marvel at the 360° vistas that span the magnificent mountains, remote islands and the omnipresent, calming sea. Mallorca truly is paradise.


Sun & Beaches

Peace & Quiet

The real feeling of 'being there'

 Relaxation at home!


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Please note that the Atmosphaeres Virtual Relaxation Experiences are provided for personal, non-public use, that is, you may only use our products for private purposes. For public or commercial use of any of our  360 degree videos or parts thereof, please obtain an appropriate license. Further information about public and/or commercial use can be found on our licensing page.