Professional 360 VR Video Production Services


360 Video Production Equipment

Depending on the circumstances I use any of the following camera holders and equipment


- Z CAM S1

- GoPro Omni

- Samsung Gear 360 (Backup) 


- Sennheiser Ambeo VR Spatial Sound Microphone

- Zoom F8 Sound Recorder

- Zoom H2n Spatial Sound Recorder

- Rode SmartLav+ (for presenter audio) ?

- Rode NT 5 - Matched Stereo Pair

What price to shoot?

Shooting 360 video is highly complex and every shoot is different. Please get in contact with us with your specific requirements so we can provide you with a quote. We usually respond within 1 business day. You can also hire us to stitch 360 videos that you shot yourself or for editing your material in Premiere Pro.

Behind the scenes impressions

Eric Fassbender - 360 Video Production, Training, Consulting and Licensing

360 Video Production - Unique Solutions

360 Video Production - Racing Cars


360 Video Camera on Race Car


We work as a team of 2 experienced camera operators, which makes it easier and faster to produce quality content with less stress on everyone involved.

Atmosphaeres Team


Do you also provide training?

Yes, we do. Please take a look at our training page for the details.


Some of our production and training customers 


  Thomas Cook Group Tjaereborg   Mc Donalds's    Red Bull Media House   Steigenberger Grandhotel Petersberg   Fiat


Fincloud.tvCaspian  Lakeba Group   Eitelsonnenschein Filmproduktion 


 Head-Trip    Visyon