Virtual Therapy

Virtual Therapy

Virtual reality therapy as a treatment option has been explored since at least 1993 by Dr. Ralph Lamson. Several dissertations and further explorations have been done since then which demonstrate the efficacy of virtual reality treatment.

However, virtual therapy wasn’t widely available until recently. With the focus on combatants suffering from PTSD, common individuals didn’t have access to virtual reality treatment labs and centres. That changes now with the wide-spread availability of virtual reality headsets and applications that can help with anxiety treatment.

Applications for Virtual Reality Treatment


PHOBOS is a virtual reality platform that was developed in order to manage anxiety and some specific phobias.

• Psious

Psious aims to help patients overcome their fears with the help of realistic computer generated 3D content.

• Guided Meditation VR

They promise you a virtual vacation using computer-generated content.

• Immersion Real Life

It offers an immersive experience in the form of a personal cinema in a 360 degree perspective.

• Dryft Digital

Dryft is an agency that specializes in creating immersive experiences using virtual reality.

• Atmosphaeres

Dr. Eric Fassbender’s Atmosphaeres are real life 360 degree virtual therapy videos which is one of the main differentiators from the above mentioned computer-generated content. Dr. Fassbender’s Atmosphaeres take you to quiet and peaceful places that actually exist on our beautiful planet and you get the opportunity to travel to these restorative places literally within seconds. In many cases the Atmosphaeres also have higher-quality sounds than their computer-generated counterparts. Using a virtual reality headset, users can experience relaxation and relief from stress and anxiety in an instant.

To find more information about Atmosphaeres and the different technologies (VR headsets like Gear VR, Oculus, Zeiss and Google Cardboard) please go to Everything You Need to Know about Atmosphaeres.